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I swear on everything that this isn’t just some stupid contest to gain followers. I’ve been wanting a new camera for ages so now I have two. I was thinking about returning/selling my old one, but I wouldn’t be getting the same amount or more than what it was originally priced. I’ve already talked to my mum about me giving it away, and she doesn’t mind. Anyway, who doesn’t like free stuff?
Here’s how this will work:
You do not have to follow me. I don’t want any followers that don’t actually like my blog. I do ask of you to kindly check out my blog though. If you like it cool, if not, then your loss.
Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count. You can reblog this as many times as you’d like.
Do not create any extra blogs or whatever, I will be looking on your archives.
Winner will be chosen like as if it were a raffle drawing.
Winner will be contacted via ask, so make sure that you have that on/open.
This will be over on August 21st 2014, and the winner will be announced on the 22nd.
I am doing this basically to make someone else happy and also because I accidentally deleted the other contest I was doing. Please don’t participate if you already own a Canon, but you can if you’d like I guess. I really don’t care if you live in Hogwarts, anyone is allowed to enter.
Here’s what the winner will get:
Canon EOS 1100D
Camera Cover R-F-3
Battery Charger LC-E10E
EUR AC Cable 1m
Battery pack LP-E10
Battery cover
Interface cable IFC-130U
All the disks needed.
The camera is basically brand new.
If you think this is “stupid” of me to do or anything of that sort, than just ignore it. It’s that simple.
Q. “Why would you just giveaway an expensive camera to a stranger?”
Q. “How do we know you aren’t bullshitting us?”
A. To make a fake contest just for followers is stupid, plus, I have a picture of me holding both the cameras :)
Good luck.
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I want more Mexican characters in TV/film not as the help, the field worker or the gangster. Yes that is a reality but WE ARE MORE THAN THAT. we’re not all undocumented immigrants. We don’t all work in hotels or the kitchens. AND SO WHAT IF WE DO. that does not make us lower than you. We come here for a better life, not to be shit on because you think we are less than you. I want Mexicans of all different skin colors on TV/film because we are not all one nice shade of brown.

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I checked Facebook yesterday after about 2 months and apparently one hs semi friend is now engaged and another hs person is now pregnant and then here I am making flan and playing gta v every night 😐

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When a POC reads a lot, gets good grades or speaks with naturally with an expansive vocabulary and white people say ” haah you are so WHITE!”

What they really are saying is “I don’t associate those positive attributes with being a poc because your people don’t do any of that. Only white people do are capable of that.”

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can i get 6281937366328$ for new clothes please

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Redwood forest
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First sighting of Hobart (by Colcanon)
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ON THE ROAD by coolhandluke on Flickr.
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trying to watch something online and it keeps buffering 


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